My Meaning on Earth

its always been an mystery  that what is really a human life mean and also why all failed to analyze own value and meaning of life. Though many lives in earth, human life is totally a prior and young in comparison to all.Human mind has the capability to understand and body has the willingness to manage mind.

all these actions means human life have the most unique and fore looking value to universe. What ever we are doing is not like- it must be the best way to make life successful but it must not be a part there where we are not thinking for a better and more prospective line of making life on going. Its always expected from some one’s life that what ever one is doing, that must not be for own life but it must be for society, not for human but for all lives , not for earth but for universe, not for humanity but for a better quality. Its always difficult to take such an action where one can find others value in own work¬† and make things to beautify others but its the value of life where if you want to make things for others then sacrifice will be the first step. With this one step , you can touch every one’s life and give them a better maned life.After this your ultimate goal will be fulfilled .

Do you know whats the ultimate goal of ones life? Its only love. the real happiness comes, when people loves you .All your kind action is going to give you this love. once you have this feel in you , you can realize, “this is the real value of my life” . all materialism is nothing but a dark side of life. The real light is in happiness and happiness is the frame of kindness and everyone knows the way to that frame . what matters is how easily and smartly one understands the way to a divinely framed frame.

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