Human in Society

With generation and evolution, its been a trend that human changes its attitude, behavior, living style according to the society and social atmosphere. Some times it becomes more positive and some times negative .

Positive changes brings an positive attitude in its mind and from then he is ready to make a better society rather that what he has in its mind and body. more over, from this, evolution takes another beginning of next generation human behavior. That is the process from where we made many forms of evolution and also new rules to maintain this change.

Some times a small negative behavior takes an evolution in big scale and it is named as crime in near future. It may not be crime if its not so big in disruptive thinking but many times it becomes the seed/source for a big disaster thought.

If one takes an example of living relationship, then in some places its allowed by society and in some places its a crime. But if we take humanity and clean thought then its not at all a wrong way of living life. One have his/her own wish to make choice of his /her life. Its all in one’s mind to understand things with life on work.

Only one thing can be said in the end- What ever your move is , it only shows a good living and social benefit . If you are with this life, then you are going good and you will make a nice and motivating society . Other wise only  poverty, anger,life without satisfaction, rudeness, illness will be the image in your mirror.

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