What’s RentMyStay all about?

RentMyStay is a Bangalore-based start-up that offers fully furnished apartments on Flexi rentals (from one day to traditional 11 months’ rent) without brokerage. When it’s very hard to find short-term rentals these days, RentMyStay provides a variety of options ranging from fully furnished apartments, villas, rooms to independent homes for both short term and long term rentals. RentMyStay’s Flexi renting model allows one to rent a house from few days to few months and also move across any of the flats within the network without lease breakage.

Fully Furnished apartments

Tenants could also coordinate with the range of repairs and maintenance services using the platform. RentMyStay is the only platform which allows one to book a temporary home while on, travel, work deputation, family visit, Medical tourism, sales visit, ITeS project. The same homes can also be booked for short term or long term rentals.

On RentMyStay you find properties that are pre-screened and meet a certain standard so you are not out for surprises, plus you find all the required information to book your property online without the need to physically inspect the place. All of this without any brokerage or hassle of negotiating with the owners. Owners get free property management as part of signup with RentMyStay, so they no longer have the hassle of maintaining the property or worry about tenant changes.


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