RentMyStay – Find Accommodations On The Go

RentMyStay-Find Accommodation On The Go

IT professionals often need to travel between cities on work, on short to medium term assignments- finding decent accommodation in such cases is often a challenge. For very short stay companies often arrange hotels, but for slightly longer stays, often companies pay a fixed allowance and expect employees to make the arrangement themselves.

For outstation professionals not very familiar with the city, identifying a right locality to stay that is closer to office will be a challenge. Add to this the risk of property owners charging exorbitant rates to unsuspecting outstation people who are vulnerable to exploitation because of their compulsions and language problems.

Challenge for IT professionals is that they won’t be having huge surplus cash as rest of the society believes them to do. They are also pressed for money. They can’t afford long term hotel stays. But they can’t go for ultra- low cost lodges because of safety and hygiene issues. They will have laptops and other stuff to take care. Renting house is an option, but rental is not viable for medium term due to high deposits, expenses on furnishing etc. How to find a middle ground? That is where services like Rentmystay come into picture.

Rentmystay has a large number of listings in Bengaluru, that can be rented for short to medium terms at economical rates. Rentmystay coordinates between property owners and guests to ensure that both parties get favourable deal at reasonable terms. Rentmystay’s customer care staff will listen to guest’s preferences, budget etc carefully and help recommend potential properties that can be considered for rental.

What this means is real peace of mind for traveling professionals- no need to arrange huge deposit, buy furniture and other essentials and don’t have to worry about 3 month notice period and early termination penalties.

Rentmystay is equally suitable to guests looking for a base for few months while trying to establish a business or enjoying an extended holiday.

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