Dream for a Adventure Journey

Human mind is completely mad about thinking new view, imagining new ideas, looking for new scope, enjoying each moment. Apart from this, adventure comes in to mind which is the most powerful force in one’s mind that can take your life to a quiet and peace point where you will feel the dream with only your silence, emotion, meaningful devotion and powerful allegations on life.

may be this why its wriien-

Blast in mind is the means of wind

But Fire in mind is a tune of new need

Many times, it happens that only by seeing other people enjoying lives, a new quarrel rises in mind which makes us take a small step ahead. May be that is the time when we need to take a step ahead which will take us towards an new meaning of life.

By any means, we should always be adventurous in life because it teaches us lessons which can only be possible at time meditation and travelling new and beautiful places is a part of it. silence in wire is going to create a new form of concentration to understand life and value in you.

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