Bnagalore with rentmystay

If you are moving to a new city, the chances are limited that you know the median rent of the place. Even when there is Google to help, the brokers have always a reason to trick you, after all, this how they pay their bills. Especially, when you don’t know anyone in the city, it’s easy for them to bring in some bonus. The main reason, people never trust a broker as they work both ways. They never have a fixed cut, if they make a deal with the tenant more than the expected rent, they get a bonus from the landlord. They also take brokerage fees from tenants. The tenant is always a loser in this rent-game.

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Every day, many freshers arrive to find a work in this IT city.  While they are excited to see the people and life in a city, they never realize what is coming in their way. They fell easy prey to the brokers. It’s a matter of testing our endurance and believe me I am telling it from my personal experiences. Even I have heard that they disappear from many scenes after taking money from the tenant. If you are fortunate enough then only you will get to see the flat.

The melodrama starts when you liked the flat and decided to face the landlord. You need to put all your skills into one box to fulfill the landlord’s preferences. This is one of the hurdles you will surely face when you plan to rent a flat but this is not the only one. You have to be aware each day from the beginning and always be prepared for the surprise inspections. I hope you know how many get into traumas facing the third-degree tortures by the landlords and maybe you are one of them. This is where we, RentMyStay entered into the picture to help you get out of these shocks and to create a win-win deal with tenants and landlords.

We had personally experienced it in our everyday life when we decided to be a part of the change. Making technology as our backbone, we dived into the Real Estate rentals. We divided the rentals schemes to short-term and long-term and continued delivering tailored products. We made a pact to be transparent to our customers keeping priorities of the owners on the front.

I hope this article will help you recover from the traumas. See you soon.

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