Best Alternatives to Hotels in Bangalore


Whether you are a travel bug visiting this city for the first time or an IT employee relocating to client’s site for few days, you’ll surely want to find the best accommodation for your short stay. Back in old days, it was a herculean task to find an accommodation for a short term. And before we didn’t have any best alternatives to hotels, people used to stay in other’s homes as paying guests. Sometimes they used to rent a home from persons they know of, though, it wasn’t acceptable every time.

As the time passed by and with the advent of technology, finding a stay is not hard like the old times. But booking a hotel for few days in a city is always a costly affair. So we decided to come up with best alternatives to hotels.

No, we are not talking about cheapest Hotel deals instead we have some better deals. Here, we are talking about the best alternatives to hotels or we can say places that feel like home. Will you ever choose a single bed monotonous hotel room over an Entire house with the same price? If you didn’t know it before, they are called Service Apartments aka fully furnished homes. These flats are provided with all the comforts(TV, Fridge, Furniture, Kitchen Utilities etc.) you can get in a home.

Flats are always known as assets. People used to have many vacant apartments meanwhile many people were struggling to find one. What can be more unfortunate than that? We, RentMyStay, are a startup based in Bangalore and we are working to make this Real Estate rentals effortless. We offer ready to move fully furnished homes and currently we have several properties(Studios to Villas and fully furnished flats) which you can book on our website or mobile app before you stepped into the city. The best part of our service is you can book the flat for any duration (daily/weeklyMonthly) . So will you choose a single room in a hotel over an Entire House service apartment without service aka fully furnished homes with all the comforts of being at home, with the same or more amount?

What is even better is our fully furnished apartment is equipped with kitchen, gas stove and cylinder along with all the basic utensils. We call these rent and use, ready to move fully furnished apartments. Lastly, what you can find here is more space, privacy, hand cooked food, no check-in and check-out time and you don’t need to spend an extra penny if your friends/family is coming for a visit.

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