Apartments for rent

Have u ever struggled to get a new and fully furnished house or fully furnished flat for rent? if you have, then you can understand how much difficult it is to get such a flat/house. some problems in getting a desired flat are like-

1- Searching To-let in your preferred area.

2-searching in google for a flat and getting no suitable place how you like and where you like.

3-High brokerage

4- confusion in knowing who is the owner and who is the broker.

5-variation in rent price from people to people

6-High deposit amount and many more

A beautiful solution is now available for you. have you heard about RentMyStay.

Yes, it is an online portal who offers flat for rent for Daily/ weekly/ monthly Rent. Very less price and fully furnished flats in various locations. No brokerage will be taken from you as they own all flats and serve you once they decorate and furnish it.

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