Affordable Short Stay – A word to the wise.

The story of a happy customer.

Story of a Happy Customer

Working in corporate has its own positives and negatives; the last couple of years have been hectic with me not able to spend a good time with my family and friends.

We have been married for 8 long years and are blessed with two beautiful kids, a 6-year-old boy and a 4 years old girl both going to school. While I am a professional working in the silicon city of Bangalore, my husband works in Chennai as a Manager in a reputed IT giant. With both of us working in different cities, it became difficult to manage the kids alone, hence I decided to leave my kids with my parents as it was the best thing for them as well as me.

Deep inside me the craving and the guilt of missing the most beautiful times with loved ones started consuming me. There is no dearth for PGs in Banaglore and I stay in one such in Bellandur. There are a lot of women like me staying as paying guests as it is a convenient and affordable option. The only issue is hygiene and privacy.

My kids have been calling me every day during their summer vacation, asking ‘Amma!, when are you coming home?’ and it is heartbreaking every time. After much thinking, I decided to rent a 1 BHK house for short term of their summer vacation as my project was not very hectic. I discussed this with my husband, who also agreed to the idea and promised to travel regularly from Chennai to Bangalore to spend some quality time with the family. I started house hunting.

I’m sure most of you know how difficult it is to find a house for rent in Bangalore, it’s even harder if you need it for just a month or two. The demand for deposit is huge with lock-in, while most house owners are not ready to rent for a short term.

I met many brokers to find a house and 15 days just went by. I was ready to pay brokerage as its worth to spend it to be with my family. Brokers managed to find some houses which they called ‘semi furnished’ houses – in short, they were not furnished.

Now the question was about the household things? It did not make sense to buy and later dump it in my PG. At the same time, I didn’t want my kids to be inconvenienced in the semi furnished house with all the difficulties. They would be coming to Bangalore to spend time with me and I did not want to spend time washing clothes and running around to buy all the stuff for such a short span of time.

My colleagues suggested me to try some service apartment??

That was for the first time when I got to know about something like this. The idea somehow convinced me as it solves all the problems, a serviced-furnished accommodation. And I was very happy and the same evening as soon as I reached my PG, the first thing I did was searching for service apartments close to my office. As our elders say, there is always some hurdle on the way; the hurdle in here was “the price”. Service apartments are really very expensive, almost 4 times of the normal rent. I was totally disappointed and lost hope of renting a house during my kid’s vacation.

My husband consoled me for trying my best to find the house. Then we decided to take a leave and go for a family vacation to some hill station. So my dream of spending 2 months was shattered and reduced to a week long vacation. I consoled myself that at least we are going for a small trip with family. With this small satisfaction, I went to bed. Next day, I reached office thinking of planning the trip and also breaking it to my kids. I reached office and started browsing on the internet for a good holiday location and plan the itinerary, like a life saver, I came across RentMyStay website. The name caught my eyes, I browsed the website and couldn’t believe what I saw, it was like a dream come true.

They were offering fully furnished accommodation at an affordable cost for short term rentals. I shortlisted few houses near to my office and with my fingers crossed I called the customer care number hoping that they were still functional. Hurrah! They were active. The customer care personnel helped me understand how it works and scheduled a time to visit the house. I went and saw the house; I liked the first house itself, so I didn’t spend much time seeing more houses.

The house had everything that I needed, starting from the sofa, center table, bed, mattresses to electronic gadgets including Fridge, Washing machine, TV with Cable connection, Kitchen with Gas cylinder, utensils. The utensils provided were adequate for regular cooking. I deposited an amount and booked the house and left the place. They immediately generated an invoice and emailed it to me, which gave me a huge confidence and I eagerly shared it with my husband as soon as I stepped out of the flat.  He didn’t believe what I told him and was reasonably sure that someone had cheated me.

His apprehension was genuine, as this was a new concept and we had not heard of it. Once he scrutinised the invoice I’d forwarded him and after he had browsed the website, he was also convinced. It was Friday, so immediately; I left to my native to bring my kids to our new short term home on Monday. I spent some time with my parents and kids over the weekend and Sunday evening we started back to Bangalore.  We reached the house on Monday morning; well-coordinated by the area manager. I was so relieved my family was comfortable in the house. I spent a lot of time with kids, playing and watching their favourite TV programs, completing their projects. My mother who had accompanied us to take care of the kids during my working hours also liked the house.

My husband kept up his promise and visited whenever he could. I had a great time and enjoyed every bit of my time with my kids, a very big thanks to RentMyStay. You guys have made a big difference in my life and I am sure every guest of yours will also be feeling so. Cheers guys!

I am in Love with the RentMyStay model. I just hope many people can reach them and benefit the way we did.

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