10 reasons to choose RentMyStay

10 reasons to choose rentmystay

  1. Moving to Bangalore and don’t want to stay in PG or hotels?? Well, you can book Rentmystay homes online, before arriving in the city. The transition from one house to other in our network is very smooth so you need not worry if the work location changes.
  2. Moving onsite and waiting for Visa process to get over and not sure how long its going to take to complete the paperwork ,and don’t wanna stay in hotels with the family and can’t take the house during your stay in the city for rent due to Lock-in periods??
  3. When the entire team is on a vacation in the festive season and you are being responsible for the project can’t go home. Missing festive food but don’t want to bring the family to town and make them adjust in the small hotel rooms?? Book a flat for short term in RentMyStay and get your family to stay with you during the festive seasons and celebrate the festival with family without missing the yummy festival food.
  4. Exam time staying in PG or room, can’t concentrate on study, don’t wanna spoil your health by eating outside food. Planning to get your mother till the exams are over to get rid of all the tension and concentrate on study??
  5.  Arriving at a hospital for treatment and your home is far from the hospital or in a different city and staying in a hotel as not able to travel during the treatment. Sacrificing comforts of home??
  6.  Coming to Bangalore on a project or training of few months and not sure how many months the project takes to complete. Can’t bring the family as you can’t rent the house due to lock-in period and uncertainty about the stay. Not comfortable in hotel rooms and eating outside food??
  7.  Have a small baby and can’t accompany your husband during his business trip, considering about your baby’s food hygiene and not getting adjusted in the crampy hotel rooms with a baby. And deciding to stay back at home??
  8.  Staying in a PG and don’t want to miss your Kids vacation as you can’t take leave from your work and go home?? Can’t get your family and kids near to your work city and enjoy their vacation without missing your commitment at work?? Don’t know where to go and rent a house for 2-3months till your kid’s vacation gets over?? Don’t want your kids to miss the comforts of home by booking a hotel room??
  9.  Relocating from a different city with family and not sure about the work location to rent a house. Don’t want to mess up by renting a house somewhere very far from work location and then later on suffering by travelling for hours from rented place to work, ending up in a hotel till then??
  10.  The apartment is not yet ready, the builder has not yet handed over the apartment and not sure how many exact days or exact months it will take to get over. Your apartment builder is promising of handing over the keys at the earliest. Ending up in hotel till then?? Try RentMyStay.

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