While searching for flat in Bangalore , one have to face multiple hurdles for a proper and best situated flat on rent. Now a days, some online portal startups have shown their potential with creating an unique service style with flat rent without any brokerage and with all furniture available at a same stay. We Read More


My Meaning on Earth

its always been an mystery  that what is really a human life mean and also why all failed to analyze own value and meaning of life. Though many lives in earth, human life is totally a prior and young in comparison to all.Human mind has the capability to understand and body has the willingness to Read More


Human in Society

With generation and evolution, its been a trend that human changes its attitude, behavior, living style according to the society and social atmosphere. Some times it becomes more positive and some times negative . Positive changes brings an positive attitude in its mind and from then he is ready to make a better society rather Read More


Best restaurants in Bangalore

It has been noticed that people always search for best restaurants in 1-Indranagar 2-Kormangla Its true that Indranagar and Kormangala got the most searched restaurants and premium restaurants in Bangalore. Also candle light dinner in bangalore is popular in these 2 locations. Here I will suggest most popular restaurants in those 2 locations- Restaurants in Indiranagar- Read More


Apartments for rent

Have u ever struggled to get a new and fully furnished house or fully furnished flat for rent? if you have, then you can understand how much difficult it is to get such a flat/house. some problems in getting a desired flat are like- 1- Searching To-let in your preferred area. 2-searching in google for Read More